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How Can the International Tax Guide Help You?

Income tax is often the largest cost related to an international assignment. An accurate determination of hypothetical and gross-up taxes is essential to the design of equitable expatriate compensation packages. It is particularly important to determine employees’ contributions to their worldwide tax obligations.

Why should you choose the International Tax Guide?

The International Tax Guide:

  • Offers statistical income tax and social tax models for over 280 countries and tax jurisdictions; the models are typically updated annually for major tax changes
  • Reflects each client’s needs by supporting up to seven standard variations (such as commuter or homeowner/renter assumptions), and allows additional customization to client specifications
  • Provides fast access to hypothetical or gross-up tax calculations in either an individual report (for a specific assignee) or a table (for a group of assignees)
  • Can easily connect to external platforms using batch reporting capabilities and a variety of importable report formats
  • Comes with detailed documentation, including step-by-step calculations and a supplemental Expat Tax Summary containing comprehensive information about a given country’s tax model
  • Download a free Expat Tax Summary: Colombia

We also offer tax calculations bundled with consultation by our in-house tax experts.

What does the International Tax Guide look like?

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