Housing Allowances

Housing is Key

While on assignment, it is important that the employee be housed in safe and secure housing that meets their personal needs with respect to commuting time, location, amenities, and style of property. It is also equally important that the company can provide this housing within a reasonable budget and can administer housing budgets as efficiently as possible.

The goal of the housing budget is to set a limit on the amount of money the company will spend on housing during an assignment.

The AIRINC Difference

AIRINC delivers ready-to-use housing budgets by job level/grade and family size, providing a globally consistent housing standard that is fair and equitable amongst assignees and across host locations. We do the work so you don’t have to!

Our approach mirrors the way assignees experience a market – they have preferences and needs which may include a specific location (center or suburb), housing type (apartment or house), certain amenities, or unit size. They will make choices and trade-offs, and our budget approach allows for flexibility. This technique also has the advantage of avoiding the spikes and outliers that can occur if only bedroom count or other singular factors are considered.

Here’s why you should turn to AIRINC for expatriate housing

View the top eight reasons and find out how you can optimize your housing program so it facilitates mobility.

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