Furniture Allowance

How Can Furniture Allowance Help You?

Furnishing a home—a one-time expense during an assignment—is often best handled either through providing an allowance or setting a reimbursement cap. However, companies struggle to provide this benefit fairly across locations and family sizes.

Furniture Allowance helps you:

  • Reduce the administrative effort required to determine allowances or caps on your own
  • Ensure consistency across locations and family sizes
  • Tailor the calculation to fit your policy
  • Provide flexibility to the assignee

What goes into the Furniture Allowance?

Data for all locations covers costs for:


Large Appliances

Small Appliances



The furniture market basket can be further configured at the item level.

Furniture data is sourced from and represents mid-range options suitable for international assignees; AIRINC can adjust this amount upward for companies that wish to provide higher quality furnishings.

Data is updated in January and July to incorporate new survey results, inflation, and exchange rate change.

What does the Furniture Allowance Report look like?

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