AIRINC understands that people make an organization successful. We empower companies to deploy global talent by leveraging high-quality data, decision-making tools, and thought-leading advice. Our industry expertise, solutions, and consultative approach enable us to partner with clients to deliver value.


Providing employees with fair allowances can be a constant challenge. With AIRINC, your organization receives timely, relevant data to help establish fair and equitable allowances for short- and long-term assignments. As a result, you protect assignees from increased goods and services costs, ensuring they are compensated appropriately and able to focus on the work at hand.


Robust data helps you make decisions about cross-border opportunities. AIRINC tools aggregate data and provide insights through technology. Many tools embed powerful international tax engines to provide you with the full picture.


An ideal mobility program supports your business and talent agenda. AIRINC consultants help companies across all industries and program sizes enhance mobility programs. Our strengths are unique; we understand trends, compensation, taxation, technology, and function design. You draw on our deep experience and benchmark expertise, and we help guide your decisions.

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