Mobility Outlook Survey (MOS)

Explore key findings from our 2021 MOS report to see what mobility leaders across the globe predict for 2021 and how they are planning to make the most of the unique opportunities presented this year. Download the full report to learn more.


Today, Mobility’s leaders report that they are an operational function. Tomorrow, they must play an advisory and value-add role.

Despite a challenging year, 2020 also provided an opportunity for Mobility teams to showcase their knowledge and agility.

The goal for strategic leaders is to usher in a new era in which Mobility, Talent, and the Business are aligned and support each other’s missions.

Key global mobility initiatives to focus on include:

  • Aligning mobility program with talent strategy
  • Improving the employee experience

The average number of policies has increased each year as Mobility broadens how talent is deployed and continues to amplify flexibility to the Business.

Talent Mobility Expectations

Company expectations for attracting employees to accept international
assignments in the next year


208 Participants

Top Industries Represented

Consumer Goods

Financial Services


Oil/Gas & Energy Services


Life Sciences


Professional Services/Consulting

Download the Full Report

Read the full 2021 MOS Report to discover more valuable insights and to inform your organization’s mobility journey.

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