Site Summary: Hong Kong, China

An insightful, concise, and targeted summary of living conditions in Hong Kong, China

This report is updated yearly in January

This AIRINC Site Summary provides instant, on-the-ground insight of Hong Kong, China covering the relevant aspects of expatriate life that assignees encounter on a daily basis.

Each Site Summary provides a high level, objective overview covering the following topics:

  • General information on location, climate, and access
  • Getting around (transportation)
  • Shopping and Availability
  • Medical Care
  • Security
  • Housing Market
  • Education
These reports will help you:
  • Make well-informed policy decisions and identify special considerations, challenges, red flags, and areas of investigation for each location;
  • Prepare and plan for the business to enter a location for the first time and more effectively deploy talent to new locations;
  • Stay informed of key issues facing expatriates in assignment locations and be prepared for questions and concerns;
  • Better relate to and support your assignees by understanding the often difficult and unfamiliar context in which they are living, providing you more credibility and allowing you to be seen as a partner throughout the lifecycle of the assignment.