Expat Tax Summary: Colombia

The Fundamental Reference Guide to the taxation of expatriate income in Colombia

This report is updated yearly in August

This Expat Tax Summary for Colombia contains comprehensive information about the taxation of expatriate income and serves as a vital resource for Global Mobility managers.

Each Summary Contains:
  • Recent tax developments and their effect on employee net income
  • Tax concessions available to expatriate employees
  • Compulsory Social Security rates and maximum contributions by employees
  • Family Allowances
  • Typical deductions, allowances, and credits claimed by employees
  • Types of taxable employment income
  • The impact of marital status and family size on the overall tax burden
  • Tax rates and tax brackets currently in effect on employment income
  • AIRINC’s tax offerings focus on normative/statistical tax for employees on international assignments, including hypothetical and gross-up calculations. This targeted approach enables us to deliver tax essentials that are specially tailored for mobility managers. Expat Tax Summaries are updated annually by our dedicated team of licensed CPA and EA tax professionals.