Auto Capital Costs Report: Norway

A representative list of auto purchase prices in Norway

This report is updated yearly in February

The Auto Capital Costs Report for Norway provides a representative list of auto purchase prices collected from on-site sources during our surveys. Local availability and common driving practices determine which car types will be represented. For this report of Albania, samples for all car types (compact, moderate, premium, SUV, and luxury) were available at the time of survey and are included in the report.

The car prices reported include all taxes and fees associated with the purchase of a vehicle, which may include one-time fees. This does not include license fees, annual registration fees, road taxes, or any other fees associated with operating the vehicle.

These reports will help you:
  • Establish a budget for providing a company car to an employee or sharing the cost
  • Calculate a lump sum to give to the employee for car purchase
  • Estimate the value of a loan guarantee to the employee
  • Protect the employee for loss on sale of car at home or host
  • Assess an auto purchase norm at home