AIRINC can help you:

  • Improve Efficiencies

    AIRINC offers an extensive array of interactive tools and calculators to provide user-friendly, real time access to data solutions. The AIRLINC portal is our secure, password-protected portal. By enabling clients to run calculations, save and export reports in a variety of formats and perform what-if analyses, AIRLinc increases accuracy and productivity. Learn More

  • Integrate Data into the Workflow

    Our data seamlessly integrates into your workflow by directly connecting to your International Assignment Management Software via web services. We routinely partner with key IA management software companies to ensure data delivery is as efficient as possible. Learn More

  • Measure and Achieve Your Mobility Goals

    We partner with you to identify your mobility goals and assess your progress towards achieving them by aggregating data from different sources and providing predictive analytics to help anticipate the future. Learn More

  • Analyze the Effectiveness of your Housing Program

    Because housing is a critical component to an expatriate package from a cost standpoint and an assignee satisfaction perspective, it is essential that housing programs are in alignment with a company’s philosophy, objectives, and budgets. The Housing Assessment Tool delivers dynamic, geospatial analytics to test what-if scenarios and understand housing program costs. Learn More

  • Develop Client Specific Software

    Every client is different. It could be their processes or their overall approach to mobility. “Out of the box” technology solutions do not work for everyone. With our in-house technology team, we develop custom solutions to meet your exact need. Learn More

Our Belief

Since every company has a unique way of supporting its mobility program, we believe software should be flexible enough to handle most client individuality through easy configurations; and that customizations, where needed, should always be possible and not cost prohibitive. Scalability is vital, so our configurations are data-driven and easily supported.
We believe software should be intelligent - adding value beyond data to support decision making, being intuitive to use and easy to learn, delivering outcomes in real time, and being continually enhanced with new features and functionality.

Our Approach

We partner with organizations to understand their unique needs, and propose solutions for quick, phased implementations. Getting an 80-90% solution into a client’s hands quickly to allow for review and reaction ultimately results in faster and more successful implementations.

Our Technology Team

One of our strong differentiators is that our product development team has significant, practical knowledge of mobility policies and market data. We are good listeners and quick learners, letting us find solutions faster.