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Transportation Reports

Transportation Reports

Keep your transportation policy running smoothly

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  • Will they need a car? How much will it cost? Should you provide a driver?

  • Is public transportation available? Do other expats use it?

  • Location specific transportation reports offer unmatched on-the-ground survey expertise. The Transportation Reports are reliable, up-to-date and provide an overview of common transportation practices and costs in a given location. Cut through the clutter and make well-informed transportation policy decisions with just one click!

Transportation Report: Oslo, Norway

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Transportation Report: Oslo, Norway

A comprehensive overview of transportation options and costs in Oslo, Norway.

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Pricing Information:
  • Cost $750/each (USD)
  • All prices are subject to applicable local taxes

Transportation report sub sections include:

A Mode of Transportation Report

summarizing the transportation options in a location, from the usability of public transportation to commentary on driving conditions

An Auto Capital Cost Report

providing a representative range of car prices across compact, moderate, premium, SUV, and luxury vehicles. (Also available as a standalone report.)

A Vehicle Cost Analysis Report (VCAR)

using reasonable assumptions regarding financing, down payments, and distance driven to provide average operating costs per year and per kilometer for an average car