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Expat Tax Summaries

Expat Tax Summaries

Fundamental guides to a specific country’s tax environment.

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  • How can I bring staff up to speed quickly regarding international tax?

  • Where can I find concise information about tax implications for expatriates in multiple locations?

  • What tax regulations are applicable to foreigners?

  • International taxation is a critical element of an expatriate compensation package. However, understanding it is complicated, expensive, and time consuming. Your international HR team must be equipped to address it competently, but exploring international tax issues for multiple locations can be a significant burden. Researching this information is time-consuming and making sense of it is a challenge. The difficulty grows exponentially with the number of assignment locations. That’s why AIRINC created Expat Tax Summaries.

    Bring your HR staff up to speed quickly with Tax Summaries that are both succinct and comprehensive -- always covering crucial information but not wasting time with needless details.

    Expat Tax Summaries focus on normative/statistical tax for employees on international assignments, including hypothetical and gross-up calculations. This targeted approach enables you to deliver tax essentials that are specially tailored for your mobility staff.

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Expat Tax Summary: Colombia

The Fundamental Reference Guide to the taxation of expatriate income in Colombia.

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Pricing Information:
  • Cost $250/each (USD)
  • All prices are subject to applicable local taxes

Each Expat Tax Summary Will Help You:

Understand the key aspects

of the tax systems in countries where your assignees are located.

Better support your assignees

when they have tax-related questions.

Be prepared

and know what tax rules and developments to expect when entering a location for the first time.