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Education Reports

Education Reports

Education reports to support international assignments

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  • Where is each international school located?

  • What is the range of private school tuition?

  • For many assignees, the availability of international schools influences not only whether they accept an assignment, but also their overall happiness during the assignment. It can also affect other areas of the assignment package, such as transportation and housing decisions. These factors make it essential that you have a working knowledge of the educational options in your expatriate locations, and of what they cost.

    The information available online is difficult to compile in a structured way and it often leaves out the essentials. With multiple assignee locations, the amount of research required to gather data and keep it up to date soon becomes unmanageable. That's why AIRINC created Education reports.

    Each AIRINC Education Report provides a summary of costs for a representative list of international schools in a given location. Data is collected by our in-house research team and updated annually.

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Education Report: New York NY, U.S.A.

A representative list of international school costs in New York NY, U.S.A.

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Pricing Information:
  • Cost $300/each (USD)
  • All prices are subject to applicable local taxes

Each Education Report:

Provides cost information for each school

including tuition and fees for kindergarten, primary, and secondary levels, broken down into annual and one-time payment.

Displays the schools on a map

Supplies links to websites