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Auto Capital Costs Reports

Auto Capital Cost Reports

A representative range of car prices in a given location

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  • Do you know the auto purchase costs for your assignee before they leave?

  • Do you know the representative range of car prices for each of your international assignee locations?

  • Ensuring adequate and appropriate transportation for employees is one of the critical factors for a successful international assignment. However, it can also be a significant expense that depends heavily on location-specific conditions and practices. Auto capital policies vary by company, but the key to any successful policy is knowing the appropriate auto capital costs up front.

    The Auto Capital Costs report provides a representative list of auto purchase prices for five car types (depending on local availability and driving conditions) collected from on-site sources.

    The car prices reported include all taxes and fees associated with the purchase of a vehicle, which may include one-time fees. Prices in the report do not include license fees, annual registration fees, road taxes, or any other fees associated with operating the vehicle.

    Well informed auto cap policy decisions are just a click away.

Transportation Report: Oslo, Norway

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Auto Capital Costs Report: Norway

A representative list of auto purchase prices in Norway.

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Pricing Information:
  • Cost $315/each (USD)
  • All prices are subject to applicable local taxes

Auto Capital Costs Reports help you:

Establish a budget

for providing a company car or sharing costs with the employee

Calculate a lump sum

to give the employee for car purchase

Estimate the value

of a loan guarantee to the employee

Protect the employee

from loss on the sale of a car at home or host


an auto purchase norm at home