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Understanding how and when to use different compensation approaches is key to achieving global mobility goals.

The home-based balance sheet is the primary approach used for long-term international assignments.

Host-based compensation approaches for cross-border assignments and transfers tend to be most effective when specific conditions exist. The key to success is having a decision process in place to assess when this approach is likely to be successful, or when an alternative pay approach may be preferable.

Control program costs while meeting assignee needs via well-designed policies that address economic changes over time.

How are you coping with currency volatility? What best practices should you apply in managing expatriate compensation amid volatility?

What are the different pay approaches for cross-border assignments, transfers, and hires, and how do you select the best approaches for your program?

What is the impact of volatility on Cost of Living Allowances? What are common practices used for updating these allowances?

Solution Overview ( 10)

Are you being challenged to cut costs while maintaining a global workforce?

Are you deploying employees on home-based international assignments? Did you know these moves are often tax-equalized which can be costly for your business?

Are you spending too much time and money researching airfare costs?

Understanding the best practices for establishing, supporting, and updating allowances for short-term travel.

Are you seeking to reduce administration and increase employee flexibility through cash allowances?

Are you accurately forecasting the cost of all your assignments? Budgeting for international assignment accruals can be difficult. Make more informed decisions based on better financial reporting, analysis of population, and program spend.

Are you struggling to reduce the cost of your housing program without jeopardizing the success of an assignment?

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Join UnitedHealthcare Global and AIRINC consultants for a 45-minute webinar to learn ways you can improve your employees' experiences.

In this webinar we explored the use of one-way transfers in the technology industry.

Learn about the challenges of organizing and staffing Global Mobility to meet today's business needs.

Learn more about Integrating Mobility with Talent Management, and development programs Relationship-building, Metrics, tracking, and reporting—how to add value.

Learn why more companies are increasing program flexibility this year and how you can add flexibility to your program.

With increasing globalization, mobility functions are being challenged to adapt to new talent, policy, and service needs. Successful mobility programs have well-developed and executed strategies. Do you?

Are you grappling with questions from your assignees surrounding post-BREXIT currency volatility, or other compensation issues?

72% of companies have a localization policy in place —do you? 61% of companies expect an increase in the number of localizations — do you?