Lump Sums

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Are You Using Lump Sums Effectively
for International Assignments?

Lump sums provide flexibility and simplify administration.

Effective lump sums give employee choice without creating administration, cost, duty of care, or compliance issues.

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They are often used for:

  • House hunting trips
  • Relocation
  • Home leave
  • Supplemental travel
  • Repatriation
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There are multiple ways to structure lump sums:

  • Cash lump sum
  • Managed lump sum budget
  • Flexible spending points
  • Cash for individual benefit
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AIRINC Pulse Survey Results Lump Sums

Highlights from our recent lump sum pulse survey show that:

  • 38% of companies report using lump sums for international assignments
  • 87% use lumps sums to provide more flexibility to the assignee
  • 77% use lump sums to simplify administration
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