Assess the competitiveness of your mobility program for 2019!

AIRINC Benchmarking: Decisions Made!

Understanding marketplace trends and typical practice helps you learn from others and assess the competitiveness of your mobility program.

Review published surveys on market trends and trending issues

Examples include:

Join an established industry group

AIRINC-led industry groups include:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • High-tech
  • Engineering and construction
  • Oil and oilfield services
  • Pharma

Create a custom benchmark (broad or focused)

  • Capture industry-specific trends that are relevant
    to you
  • Define the group of survey participants and questions
  • Receive a personalized and confidential summary of your competitive position

Looking for an alternative to traditional benchmarking?

Consider AIRINC’s proprietary policy scorecard service. A policy scorecard package includes:

  • Comparison to over 50 policy elements
  • Review of entire policy including pre-assignment, relocation, on-assignment, compensation, and repatriation
  • Phone consultation review of results

Scorecards are available for the following policy types: 

  • Long-term Assignment
  • Commuter
  • Rotator
  • Short-term Assignment
  • Host Plus
  • Localization
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