Domestic Moves

Are you relocating or assigning an employee within a single country?

We have all the allowances, lump sums, tools, and policy advice you need for all your domestic moves around the globe.

Temporary Projects

Permanent Assignments

Commuter Assignments

Salary Evaluation

When relocating within a country there may be drastic cost-of-living and income tax differences. Understand the impact to the employee’s salary with our salary evaluation tool and determine if any additional support is needed to address high cost concerns.

  • Evaluate existing and proposed compensation packages, including both salary and variable pay
  • Calculate any tax differences between the two locations
  • Determine housing and goods and services cost differences
  • Generate a report within minutes

Learn more about the Salary Evaluation Tool

Lump Sum

The use of lumps sums for domestic moves is increasing in popularity. Lump sums allow the company to reduce administration and give the employee choice; our lump sums are configurable and can include:

  • Temporary living expenses
  • Travel costs (e.g. flights, driving)
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Shipping costs
  • Tax gross-ups
  • Flexibility with well-defined cash allowances

Learn more about how to calculate lump sums here.

Per Diems / Short-term Allowances

Leverage market-leading data for over 1,300 cities worldwide!

Increasingly, companies are leveraging short-term domestic assignments as a way to solve talent shortages or a reluctance to relocate to high cost or remote locations, or to address dual career issues. Short term, project-based, and commuter arrangements are increasing for domestic moves.

AIRINC can provide:

  • Short-term rental allowances or budgets
  • A per diem or living allowances
  • Transportation allowances
  • Hardship recommendations

Learn more here

Benchmark and Policy Advice

Partner with AIRINC for an unbiased and informed evaluation of your policy and market competitiveness.

  • Receive an evaluation of your current policy, identification of gaps, or opportunity for change
  • Understand what is commonly provided and how
  • Learn how to structure tiered or core flex policies

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