Simplify Home Leave Cash Allowances with AIRINC's Airfare Database

We know that providing home leave benefits is a painful sticking point for many companies. Because the administrative overhead of directly reimbursing airfare is burdensome, many organizations are turning to cash allowances. But cash allowances come with their own administrative headaches.
  • What source do you use to determine a reasonable budget?

  • Do you have time to make sure that each budget is drawn from a wide range of sources?

  • Is this where you want your staff spending their time and energy?

  • Researching airfare is a tedious and labor-intensive process. That’s why AIRINC developed the Airfare Database to provide a simple solution to an ongoing problem.

    The AIRINC Airfare Database facilitates the use of home leave cash allowances by providing reasonable fare data backed by an objective and rigorous methodology.

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Home Leave Benchmark Survey

The 2014 AIRINC Home Leave Benchmark Survey reported that more than half of survey respondents provide cash allowances in lieu of direct reimbursements. Order Now

The Airfare Database helps you:

Reduce administrative costs

by eliminating the need to create, update, and analyze airfare allowances for many city combinations.

Align allowances with your company’s policies

using our configurable options.

Assess appropriateness

of reimbursed airfares for corporate travel and R&R trips.

Control costs

by comparing different configurations, such as business class versus economy class airfares.

Gain access to a team of AIRINC experts

who can help you define and support your program assumptions.