Reduce Cost

There are three ways to reduce Mobility spending: you can reduce your volume of assignments and transfers, limit the level of support you provide, or find a more efficient way to manage resources. We can help you identify the right approach for your organization and create a roadmap for reaching your savings target.

How it works:

  • We listen to your goals and learn about your program
  • We review your policies and processes in search of potential efficiencies
  • We brainstorm options for cost reductions
  • We explore the advantages and considerations of the options
  • We look at the financial impact for the program and employees
  • We help you socialize the recommendations and secure approval
  • Once approved, we help you communicate changes to your customers

Sample program cost deliverable:

Case study

A large European conglomerate was interested in trimming 10% off their annual Mobility’s spend.  We partnered with the company to identify policy and process efficiencies that would enhance the employee experience.  By replacing administratively cumbersome and underutilized benefits with in-demand allowances, we were able to meet the company’s target savings and improve employee satisfaction.

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