Critical skills are in short supply in many locations around the world. For many organizations, transferring talent across borders to fill knowledge and skills gaps has become an essential prerequisite to meeting business objectives.

AIRINC has been the leading authority on international mobility data since 1954, providing organizations with both data services and insight advice to support their workforce globalization strategies. Our proprietary data focuses on the implications of cross-border transfers, including cost of living differences, housing costs, hardship allowances, per diems, hypothetical tax, and much more. Clients access this information using AIRLINC, our web portal, and analyze “what-if” scenarios using our decision support tools, including cost projections and policy comparisons, among other options.

Because every organization has a unique combination of culture, strategies, and goals, our solutions can be customized to fit each client’s specific business context. With a unique on-site data collection model, rigorous data analytics, and experienced consultants offering unparalleled service, AIRINC has long been viewed as the data provider best equipped to solve cross-border compensation issues. AIRINC’s Advisory Services team helps organizations respond to the ever-increasing complexity of rewarding global talent using a structured, collaborative process to help clients optimize the varied policy options available for building a customized global mobility program.

As the market continues to evolve, AIRINC seeks innovative ways to help clients address new workforce globalization challenges. Recent examples include mobility program assessment metrics, decision support for cost-effective compensation solutions, cross-border talent mobility strategy, and the measurement of reward competitiveness across a borderless pay landscape.

AIRINC has more than nine hundred clients around the globe, including half the Fortune 100, many of whom have been with us for more than twenty years. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, AIRINC has full-service offices in Brussels, London, and Hong Kong.

AIRINC Mission

We believe that an organization's only sustainable competitive advantage is its people. Taking into account each organization's unique context, we partner with our clients to connect their global mobility needs with their overall talent and rewards strategies to meet their workplace requirements. We are passionate about combining high quality data, cutting-edge technology, and thought-leading advice to create practical solutions for our clients.


We help our clients address expatriate compensation and mobility issues in a complex and ever-changing global environment through thought-leading advisory services, high quality data services, and leading-edge technology solutions, while providing our employees with a culture of teamwork, global knowledge, career growth, and interesting solutions to challenging problems.

AIRINC's Corporate Brochure
Associates for International Research, Inc. (AIRINC), provides solutions that help companies assess, motivate, and retain the talent necessary for success in today’s globalized business world.