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White Paper

9 Key Focus Areas for Prioritizing the Employee Experience

Assignee experience has long been in the spotlight for Mobility programs, but the definition of a good experience varies widely.

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Why Global Mobility is Like Ice Cream

Over time, the role of Global Mobility has progressed from one-size-fits-all vanilla offerings to a gourmet ice cream shop where the choices are endless! How can Mobility take on the role of advisor and embrace today’s complex mobility landscape with flexibility?

AIRINC Workforce Globalization: 70 Years Strong

AIRINC Turns 70!

On March 12, 2024, AIRINC celebrated 70 years in business! During that time, the Global Mobility industry has gone through twists and turns, and we have been there for every new step.

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White Paper

International One-Way Transfers

Are you prepared to help your organization make good decisions when an employee transfers internationally from one payroll to another? When compensation professionals are called on to assess the adequacy of a local salary for someone transferring in from another country, this can often present challenges.

2024 Mobility Outlook Survey cover page

2024 Mobility Outlook Survey

Moving in stride with the evolution of technology and AI, Global Mobility must adjust to workforce changes and strategize how Mobility can serve customers better. Check out our 2024 Mobility Outlook Survey for predictions on how leaders intend to make the most of these opportunities.

AIRINC Assignment Cost Estimates

Assignment Cost Estimator

A fast and accurate estimate of costs is critical when the business is planning for or approving an assignment or transfer. The Assignment Cost Estimator (ACE) is an online cost estimating tool which allows you to run estimates instantly.

Quarter 2, 2022 Data Points
Data Points

A Selection of AIRINC Research Results

View our quarterly update for research on housing, goods and services, and taxes.

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Back to Basics: U.S. Residual Tax and Double Tax Relief

Do you need a refresher on Mobility Tax — particularly the additional consideration and attention due to U.S. assignees? Download our paper as we go Back to the Basics on U.S. residual tax and double tax relief, to help you to better anticipate and estimate these tax costs.

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2024 Mobility Outlook Survey cover page

2024 Mobility Outlook Survey

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Pulse Survey: U.S. Domestic Trends

Benchmark survey cover page

Short-Term Assignments - Survey Highlights

Benchmark survey cover page

Commuter Assignments - Survey Highlights

EDG Benchmark Survey: The Role of DE&I in The Social Pillar

The Role of DE&I in the Social Pillar

Pulsey Survey Cover; Perspectives on AI: What does it mean for global mobility?

Pulse Survey: AI in Global Mobility

AIRINC Pulse Survey Compensation Trends

Pulse Survey: Compensation Trends

Upcoming Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Aug 29: Mobility Tax and Equity

Join us for a mobility tax update with Global Tax Network, focusing on how international assignments impact equity compensation, including: Mobile equity basics and fundamentals; How is equity taxed differently across the globe? How do multinational companies...
Upcoming Webinars

Aug 8: Mobility Tax in the U.K.

Join us for a mobility tax update with Global Tax Network where we focus on the United Kingdom: Post-U.K. Election Budget Tax Proposals and their impact on Global Mobility; Non-Domicile Scheme changes: How to plan for the tax changes; Looking back at...
Upcoming Webinars

July 25: Essential Tax Support for Inbound Employees to the U.S.A.

Join us for a mobility tax update with Global Tax Network, covering key tax considerations and best practices when bringing foreign national employees to the U.S.A., including: Pre-assignment tax consultations; Tax preparation assistance; Gross-up methodology...

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