Top 8 Reasons to Turn to AIRINC for Expatriate Housing

Optimize your housing program so that it facilitates mobility.


We focus on the context of your specific housing program.

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When you get pushback, we back you up!

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You need to control costs.

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You want fast and knowledgeable support.

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Wherever you have assignees, we have data, not just proxies!

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You’re looking for more than just bedroom counts.

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Our interactive tools help you find greater efficiencies in your program.

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You need to effectively communicate your housing policies.

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We take the time to understand your housing program so that our data, schedules, and formats will meet your unique needs and fit your specific organizational context.

One size doesn’t fit all! Whether you seek standard recommendations or want to establish stratified housing budgets across multiple job levels, family sizes, and assignment types, we help you balance global oversight and local input in your housing program.



When you get pushback, we back you up! We collect our own data, so we can deliver the most current, consistent, and defensible housing data on the market.

Our data is collected exclusively by our own highly trained, in-house data collection staff. Our quarterly on-site surveys include interviews with multiple, independent sources to produce a balanced and comprehensive view of complex markets. Our approach ensures that we collect housing information consistently and objectively across all locations, guaranteeing the highest quality data possible.



You face pressure to keep costs in check, so you need to be armed with the most comprehensive information to help you make strategic decisions

Our International Housing Guide offers everything you need to manage housing in a given location, including tailored company budgets and housing tradeoffs with budgets. We help you hold the line on exceptions so that you can keep your housing costs in check.



You want fast and knowledgeable support – we deliver! Your dedicated AIRINC team will respond quickly and comprehensively, even to your most complex questions.

AIRINC housing data comes with the most comprehensive and knowledgeable support of any provider. We respond rapidly to questions and challenges from the field, enabling you to manage queries from your business leaders and assignees efficiently. Our client engagement team members have an unparalleled depth of industry knowledge and expertise in mobility policy and practice. AIRINC can help you transition from one data provider to another, combine or transition policies, or set up a first-time housing program.



Wherever you have assignees, we have data, not just proxies! AIRINC covers the broadest range of locations available.

Wherever you have assignees, we have you covered! We provide rental and utilities data for the most locations in the industry. Each year our survey team collects housing data in more than 450 locations worldwide, and we currently offer data for more than 1,200 host locations. We do not recommend the use of proxy locations, and we will survey any location upon request to ensure that we are accurately capturing current rent and associated market data.



Your current provider is focused on bedroom counts, but your population and your businesses are focused on quality, function, convenience, comfort, and security. AIRINC has the most detailed data available.

We go beyond data based solely on bedroom count and consider each specific housing market, including quality and amenities, availability, lease characteristics, furnishing details, housing types, neighborhoods, and trends. We provide housing budgets that show market tradeoffs, thereby helping you manage assignees’ expectations.



You want to find greater efficiencies in your program and understand the cost impacts of current and proposed policies.

Our interactive online Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) helps you identify where actual expenditures and budgets are out of alignment, creating cost savings by identifying outliers. It helps you minimize administrative time spent establishing and defending housing levels, and it also reduces challenges from assignees by creating consistent housing guidelines across locations. HAT helps develop transparency by tracking easy-to-assess patterns and results for presentation to the executive team.



You need to manage assignee expectations and communicate your housing philosophy to Destination Service Providers (DSPs). AIRINC’s easy-to-use tools produce detailed individual housing reports that you can share with house-hunting assignees and DSPs.

Our International Housing Guide offers everything you need to manage housing in a given location, including lease and market characteristics, housing options, maps, housing tradeoffs with budgets, and different reporting options for individual assignees and mobility managers.

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