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WebinarsThe AIRINC webinars address hot topics in global mobility. The typical format is a 30-40 minute presentation followed by a live Q&A session. These sessions are complimentary and targeted for International Human Resources professionals. The webinars are hosted by experienced AIRINC consultants at one of our international offices. If a webinar is held at a time that is not convenient for registrants, they can access the recorded session and view it at a future time of their choosing.

Archived Webinars

Expat Trends: 2014 Mobility Outlook Survey Perspectives from AIRINC

As companies seek to expand market share overseas, their expat needs are growing, both in terms of expat numbers and in relation to the variety of policies required to support a company’s unique global mobility profile. In today’s environment, organizations are being challenged to find the right balance among costs, business needs, and talent retention. This discussion focuses on the strategic steps companies are taking to tailor their mobility programs.

In this broadcast you will learn:

  • Key findings from the AIRINC 2014 Mobility Outlook Survey
  • The range of expat (mobility) policies being adopted
  • Differences in mobility practices across industry lines
  • Process for linking mobility to business and talent goals

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Host Solutions Webinar: Deciding Between Home-Based and Host-Based Approaches

When used in the proper context, a host-based approach can be an effective and successful scheme for compensating expatriates. Knowing when and how to best use this method is critical to its successful implementation, but evaluating home-based vs. host-based approaches can be challenging. Join us as we look at results from recent AIRINC benchmarking surveys and walk through multiple case studies to:

  • better understand when to use a host-based scheme instead of a home-based approach,
  • examine what’s driving the interest in host-based approaches, and
  • evaluate the benefits and challenges of a host-based approach.

Through this webinar, we can help you understand the right circumstances for using host-based schemes and give you the advice and tools to make the decision making process easier.

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How to Motivate Employees to Accept 'Difficult' Assignments

Join us as we examine why some employees choose not to accept international assignment opportunities, and how to address employee reluctance through mobility policy designs and compensation adjustments. We will look at case studies based on actual client issues and propose solutions that align with each organization's structure, culture, and talent management approach.

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Meeting the Challenges of Localization in the Asia-Pacific Region

AIRINC invites international human resources professionals to a fast-paced, interactive presentation on the topic of localization. Not only will we identify the challenges of localization, we will provide insight into best practice solutions that will make you more effective in utilizing this approach for getting the right staff in the right place at the right time.

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Smart Spending: Doing More With Less

Though alternative packages have been around for many years, companies are now exploring them more aggressively. As your company’s business needs change, providing the same mix of allowances and support for each assignment may result in a misallocation of resources. By implementing new plans and adding flexibility, you can continue to provide high levels of support and generous allowances for strategic assignments that are difficult to fill, while reducing the cost of assignments that are tactical or developmental.

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If you would like additional information on AIRINC’s Webinars, please contact:

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