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AIRINC Seminars and Trainings: Expatriate Compensation Seminars

AIRINC Seminars provide interactive expatriate compensation training from our full-time experts in global mobility.

Our training program consists of a two-module format. The first day addresses the fundamentals of expatriate compensation and the second day covers more advanced material, such as best practices in policy design and strategy.

International human resources professionals can register to attend either or both of the modules.

The Fundamentals module

The Fundamentals module explores the principles of the balance sheet approach to expatriate compensation. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of how balance sheet elements are determined and why they change over time. This module is structured to provide a basic understanding for human resources professionals new to the task of administering expatriate compensation, or for those who have some experience but seek a refresher course. Particular emphasis will be placed on providing attendees with the practical knowledge required to respond to typical inquiries from expatriates and local human resources managers.

    New Features:

  • Case study approach – compensation approaches are illustrated via “real world” examples
  • Problem solving break-out session
  • Interactive activities – topical polls, exchange and comparison of company practices.

    Summary of Sessions

    The Home Base

    Establishing the home base; review of tax equalization.


    Structuring the incentive element in the balance sheet. A review of mobility premiums and location-specific hardship.

    Commodities & Services Allowances

    Measuring costs and establishing allowances, including data collection and allowance methodology.

    Adjusting for Change: Currency & Inflation

    Adjusting allowances for changes in exchange rates and inflation; guidelines for allowance updates. Evaluating the currency protection schemes.

    Housing & Utilities

    Housing program objectives and techniques. Measuring costs and establishing allowances. Evaluating effectiveness of different program approaches.


    Evaluating the expatriate compensation program; typical program challenges and responses, trends overview.

Policy & Strategy module

T The Policy & Strategy module builds on the basic principles covered in the Fundamentals module. Participants will gain an understanding of how to structure cost-effective policies to achieve specific mobility goals within the context of competitive practice and current trends. The Policy & Strategy module is appropriate for human resources professionals who have completed the Fundamentals module and/or have experience administering expatriate compensation programs. Particular emphasis will be placed on providing attendees with the tools to achieve strategic corporate mobility objectives.

    New Features:

  • Case study approach – compensation approaches are illustrated via “real world” examples.
  • Attendee benchmarking – a participatory survey of attendees’ corporate policies.
  • Highly interactive format.

    Summary of Sessions

    Policy Matrix

    Segmenting policy to meet mobility objectives. Analyzing by assignment function and length, geography, and business line.

    Expatriate Tax

    Establishing an equitable program at minimum cost. Designing effective systems for administration and control.

    Home-Based Program Options

    Designing a home-based compensation program to enhance global mobility. Techniques to enhance program flexibility. Topics to include subsidy levels, regional considerations, assignments from developing countries.

    Short-Term Assignments

    Structuring a flexible short-term assignment policy. Identifying potential opportunities and pitfalls.

    Host-Based Assignments

    Designing host-based compensation policies for temporary assignees.


    Structuring an effective localization policy. Managing expatriate to local transitions.

    Optimizing Your Program

    Effectively allocating the expatriate mobility program budget to meet corporate goals. Integrating competitive trends information.

If you would like additional information on AIRINC’s Seminars and Trainings, please contact:

In North America (Boston)
Colleen Greco
+1 617 354 2133

In Europe (Brussels)
Catherine Tylke
+32 (0)2 650 0979

In Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong)
Carol Lam
Tel: +852 2541 8380

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